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165,000 people get scammed for $1000 each, sue collectively. Lawyers win $3.7 million for them. Lawyers take $2.5 million of it. Lawyers then ask judge to be allowed to take all of it. Judge refuses, insists they pay the victims all that's left . . . approximately $6.50 each.

End result: 165,000 people are $993.50 poorer each. Lawyers are collectively $2.5 million richer. Is it just me, or is there something totally screwed up with this world?

I think we need a bounty on lawyers. Kill a lawyer, get 10% of his net worth, the rest gets donated to charity. I suppose really we should figure out some way to seperate good lawyers and evil lawyers first, though, because there *are* good lawyers, and they're probably easier to find and kill, therefore they'd be eliminated first (not the goal we have in mind.)

See, it's things like this that make a benevolent dictatorship the ultimate form of government.
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