Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Good slashdot article on Linux annoyances. Most common complaints:

Linux users. Too much "RTFM", too much "but linuix is TEH B3ST!!!!111" when, in reality, it isn't always. (Side note: the fun thing about typing in leetspeek is that if you make a real typo, you can just leave it. I didn't *mean* to type "linuix", but it works!)
Lack of consistency, on so so *so* many levels. Lack of directory layout consistency. Lack of program name consistency. Lack of program behavior consistency. Lack of configuration file consistency. (If you don't know why Windows .ini files all look the same, it's because Windows actually provides a set of API calls for manipulating them. No joke. Linux could *really* use something like this.) One guy even wrote a rant about clipboards in XWindows. Apparently - surprise! - they're inconsistent.
Too many obscure commands, not enough documentation. Reading this article taught me about a command called "lsof", which apparently stands for "list open files" (of course, duh.)

Ooooh, here, let's have a challenge for non-Linux users! Match the Linux command with its use!


Displays files
Scans hard drives for errors
Searches text files for words
Schedules tasks to happen at intervals
Displays a summary of hard drive usage
Provides a text interface for running programs
Changes timestamps on files to the current moment
Writes a program's output to a file and to the screen
Counts the number of words, lines, and bytes in files
Does big manipulations on text (for example, "replace Fred with Bob", although you actually write it "s/Fred/Bob/")

Both categories are sorted by length of description, nothing more. No cheating allowed. I'd give a prize, but I don't want people to cheat. :P

Okay, back on subject: The thing I find the most interesting is one person's observation that "when your program is 80% done, you've finished 20% of the work. Linux has been 80% done for several years now." He's right. It's all those nasty little "consistency" details that eat all the time, and that's where Linux is currently at its worst.

Of course, then there's also "driver issues", which I'm tangling with with my mp3 player box. I'm about > < this far from just putting Windows on it and ignoring that whole "shutdown cleanly" thing - give Linux a year to catch up in terms of driver support and try again.

Attempted SVGAlib, status: failed. SVGAlib doesn't allow me to set refresh rate. It also doesn't seem to work with the video modes I want.
Attempted Linux framebuffers, status: failed. Still experimental, and neither of the two drivers that claim they'll work with my mobo do, in fact, work with my mobo.
Attempted XWindows, status: pain. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it *started*, to say nothing of making it run certain programs on demand without any user intervention. Right now I don't even know if it does the right things with my video system.

Meanwhile, Win2k will work perfectly, as long as I don't mind shutting the computer down without going through the appropriate shutdown sequence . . . maybe I can just duplicate the install and ghost it off a small partition every time I start the computer?
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