Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

least competent clerk ever

"Hi there, I've got a pre-order slip for Soul Calibur II here -"
"What system?"
"Yes, we have those in stock."
"Can I give someone else the number on the slip, and have them come pick it up?"
"Hold on, I'll check."
"How are you paying for it?"
"Uh, debit card, probably."
"Hold on, I'll check."
"They can't use your debit card."
"They would be using their own debit card."
(sensing something has gotten lost) "So they'll be able to pick up my pre-order with just the number and their debit card?"
"Hold on, I'll check."
"All you have to do is come down here with the pre-order slip and your debit card."
"No, but what I'm asking is if someone *else* can pick it up for me, with just the information on the slip."
"Hold on, I'll check."
"If they have photo ID and the slip, they can pick it up." (note: I never asked *whose* photo ID.)
"But can they pick it up without the *physical* slip, with just the number on it?
"Hold on, I'll check."
"You mean the red number at the top?"
"Yes, that's what I mean."
"Hold on, I'll check."
..... (silently commits harakiri in the background)
"No, they can't."
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