Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

So here I am in North Seattle Community College, waiting for a class to start . . . (five hours left) . . . and, sigh. it just seems useless. I mean, yeah, the class looks interesting and all, but what good will it do? Why am I doing *any* of this?

I can't do much worth talking about in this lab . . . not allowed to install anything, so no directx8, so I still can't work on my game. Grrr. Soon I might end up building an API layer for it, or a DX1 layer or something, but I need access to a good dev environment for that because that would involve DLLs, and I've never dealt with those before anyway.

So, feh. I'm just sitting here . . . half expecting my ex to show up at any moment, because I know she's taken classes here. (dunno if she still does. no response . . . except that somewhat generic "yes, I still care about you, I don't know if I have the right to read your journal" that I got a few hours after two entries ago. nothing since, even though I replied and it's been days. I never know when she's gotten something . . . there have been cases when I was waiting for a reply, and she just decided not to reply since she didn't know what to say. bah.)

so, yeah.

I've got 45 minutes left for class, and all I can really think of doing is not going outside and crying or not going home.

I wish I had something useful to do here! . . . maybe I can learn DLLs. nothing better to do :/
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