Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

"If people just stopped pirating software, everything would be great!"
"Yeah, and if GOLDEN MONKEYS flew out my butt, I could buy all the software I wanted!"

I really don't get people who come up with a "solution" that goes against human nature. People will pirate software. There's no technological solution to this - it's unenforcable, and any attempts along those lines will culminate in a police state. And it *still* won't be enforcable. So: assume piracy happens. Next step, maximize your profits anyway.

Why are so many people so dedicated to their worldview that states "piracy can be stopped, we'll stop it, ha ha ha, die piracy"? Even techs - they loathe piracy with a vengeance and refuse to talk to anyone who pirates software. But it doesn't make sense. Piracy happens. They're not stealing money from your pocket, it's just human nature that you're trying to work around, and right now it's really only illegal in name - simply because it's so unbelievably unenforcable.

Ah well.
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