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Sometimes opposites rock. Right now, they suck.

I've got just a little bit of a headache - not enough so I feel justified calling it a headache, but enough to be irritating. I'm too sleepy to concentrate on anything, but too awake to actually go to sleep. I'm thinking fast enough to come up with neat ideas but not clearly enough to know if they really *are* neat or not.


I'm thinking of changing the tone of this journal a little. For a long time it was me talking about emotional stuff, and for various reasons, (1) I no longer need to talk about that sort of thing, and (2) I don't feel comfortable doing so anyway. I've been filling it with a lot of "hey, look, shiny thing" entries lately, but I'm sorta getting sick of it. I'm considering writing real things in it . . . only problem is, a lot of the things I write about are likely to be highly technical in nature. I'm sure some of you are saying "Oh, I've read your highly technical posts before. That's not a problem!" No - *highly* technical. If it's not pretty low-tech, I tend to not post it here. :P So those of you who are reading this because it was an interesting treatise on life, the universe, and why girls are evil and Zorba makes bad relationship decisions might suddenly find themselves flooded with information about why the Garland/Heckbert/Hoppe algorithm tends to cause decidedly braindamaged triangles along normal discontinuities. Or you would if I could figure it out. But since I'm rewriting that entire algorithm in half a year anyway, you probably *will* hear about it.

I'm *also* (yeah, as if that wasn't enough) thinking of taking up art. Again. Yeah, okay, I've said this before, go screw a goat, okay? One of the problems with me taking up art is a decidedly impressive lack of time - the only time I've got to do it is on the bus, and I refuse to try learning how to draw on a bus. Straight lines make Baby Jesus happy. In any case, the whole "bus" thing is gonna be eliminated in the near future, hopefully for good, what with (1) me getting a car and (2) me leaving Seattle, so maybe I'll have more time to do productive stuff relatively speaking. Plus I'll have tons of free time in college. I mean, compared to now, at least.

All of this makes me start to rethink the whole journal idea - as much as I'd love to keep on posting, I'm afraid that one dense algorithmic post, one mediocre cartoon, several "hey look at this shiny shiny shiny wheeee" links, and whatever other miscellaneous errata might float across my mind, all in one day, might start driving people away.

And then I remember I don't care, 'cause this is my journal and I can do what I want with it. Thhhbbbpt.

But honestly, if anyone can think of a way to manage an LJ so that people who aren't interested in distributed computing networks don't have to read about them, I'd like to hear it. The friends-group thing doesn't work because I'd like people to be able to look at my journal *without* friending me (and without me having to friend them) and be able to read stuff, and aside from making multiple accounts (eww) or doing some sort of tag in the subjects, I can't think of anything.

Which makes me want to dig out the LJ source and *make* something . . . but now I'm just going crazy.

Now I'm going back to bed and curling up with my GBA for a bit. I still need to defeat Sturm, but this next battle is easy - I can just grab Grit, Eagle, and Max, and pound the enemy from long-range before opening up the big caches of baddies and swamping them. Yeah, I know. Long-range and Max don't go well together. He's the swamper, okay?

Sheesh. Some people.
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