Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

problem-solving sequence

"Why *does* my head hurt, anyway? Hrm . . . *thinks* you know, it almost feels like my head is resonating . . . with something . . . and it's hurting at the same frequency as this REALLY ANNOYING HUM IN THE AIR THAT I JUST NOTICED. Okay. Where's *that* coming from? Are my speakers humming again? No . . . the only other thing in this room that generates noise is the Hush . . . and that's what it sounds like it's coming from. I can hear the hard drive whir, that's seperate, and that's the only moving part . . . so . . . um . . . what's going on here?"

I still have no idea, but I noticed if I lifted a corner of it off the table, the hum went WAY down. So I put all four corners on wads of folded paper. Now the hum is nearly unnoticable. (note: modified paper setup to be more along the lines of shock absorbers. now almost entirely unnoticable. still there though.) What's it doing, resonating with the table? Grrr. Project for tomorrow: find some sort of foam to put the computer on.
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