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More thoughts about the tech/non-tech/art stuff:

different icons for different posts, to make it really easy to identify which is which and skip 'em. Doesn't fix the problem that they're all still *there* if you don't want to read 'em.
make "zorbathut" into a community, set up multiple users, and have them post to the community. Same problem, really, with no other benefits (unless LJ implements a ban so you can't read specific people's posts in communities.)
make a few extra users for each category, then just post links in them to my posts - if you want to read all my posts, you friend me. If you don't, you friend one of the category-users and follow the links.

I like that solution the best, so far, but automating it would take some hacking of the LJ client, which, honestly, isn't a problem.
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