Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

worst. minigame. ever.

Maybe I'm just not getting it - this is literally the first time I've actively disliked a really popularly loved game. But still . . . the battles aren't interesting, the plot isn't interesting, and the graphics aren't interesting. That's kinda "three strikes out" at that point. What more is there to a game?

I'm told it gets better. It pretty much has to . . . I just spent six hours of gameplay rescuing my commander, who turned out to be a *cough*bitch*cough*.

So far, my party consists of myself, a guy I met in the beginning of the game who can take a lot of damage and is good with guns, a girl who's good at hacking and lockpicking, some random wookie who can probably take even more damage but isn't as good with weapons, a droid who's also good at hacking and lockpicking, and this annoying Jedi commander of mine. Considering that two of those options don't speak English and one of them I don't like, my party is pretty much standardized already. Grrf.

RPG poll: Which is better, having several characters available that you never have to use, or being forced to use all the characters for plot reasons?

I'm leaning towards the latter, personally, because at least it's more interesting, and if it's designed well you're never saddled with a totally useless character. (Unlike in Septerra Core. But that's another rant altogether.)
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