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ah, hypocrites

So everyone knows about Microsoft, of course. (If you don't, someday I must visit the rock you're living under, in a cave, on Mars.) A lot of people complain that Microsoft's doing the whole "unfair business practices" thing - bundling copies of Windows with hardware and so forth.

Well, big news! A competitor - Lindows - has made an agreement with Seagate to bundle their OS on all Seagate's hard drives! Of course nobody's complaining about this because it's not Microsoft, and everything MS does is evil, whereas everything other companies do isn't.

If you want to detect racism in a statement, swap "white" and "black". If you want to detect sexism, swap "male" and "female". And if you want to detect hypocritical anti-MS sentiment, just swap "Microsoft" and "Lindows".

("In news today, Microsoft is bundling Windows on every Western Digital hard drive sold, completely free of charge . . ." how long would it take the Linux zealots to scream "unfair competition"?)

(Yes, I realize Microsoft is big and powerful, and Lindows isn't. This doesn't matter. If it's immoral for Microsoft to do, it should be immoral for other companies to do. There's nothing about Lindows that makes them deserve government-mandated advantages over Microsoft.)
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