Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<Psycho> hmm, does anyonw have a schematic on the GBA?
<BlackFrog> psycho: if there is, it would be at www.reinerzeigler.de
<BlackFrog> or at www.reinerziegler.de
<BlackFrog> i can never remember the spelling
<Psycho> http://www.ziegler.desaign.de/GBA/gbacd.jpg
<Psycho> interesting
<Xvoid6f> not too portable
<Psycho> I was thinking to use the GBA's link port
<Psycho> WOuld it be possible?
<MattyMatt> yep
<MattyMatt> make a very small pc, essentially
<Psycho> Yeah, that's what I want to do
<MattyMatt> I saw a single chip linux computer on The Reg. specially designed for interfacing
* ZorbaTHut makes his toaster run Linux
<ufc> ZorbaTHut: the kernel hasnt been ported to heating_element architecture yet :)
<ZorbaTHut> bah!
<ZorbaTHut> what good is it then?
* ZorbaTHut wanted preemptive multitoasting
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