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Jewelry class is fun.

I'm making stuff and doing things - some of this may come in handy for platemail in the future, though that is admittedly a slightly different scale. I bought a gemstone because it was really pretty. The label claims it's a petersite. I have no idea what this is, and the only bit of info I've found on the 'net is that it's a mixite and contains yttrium. Or ytterbium. Or one of those. The Y one.

It's really really pretty. It's like an ogre, see. It's got layers.

Sent a rant to my ex. Four ICQ messages. (ICQ allows you to send messages offline - they're stored on the ICQ central servers until delivery. Limited to 450 characters each. Limits like this always make me wonder - the only net effect is that people write multiple messages, including things like "continued next" and also adding more message overhead.)

No response.

I may paste it in the next entry or so . . .
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