Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

you've got to love software analysts.

Summary: "Linux won't ever be vulnerable to viruses. The reason it won't is that it's hard to use, doesn't do flashy multimedia stuff, and isn't designed for the average user. Therefore, once average users use Linux, viruses will die out."

. . . Hello? Did I miss a step here?

News flash, people: Users don't *want* security levels on their home box. I know just how stupid it is to do this, and I still run all my computers with administrator privilages by default, just because it's so unbelievably annoying to have to change users to install anything. Given a choice between an OS that lets you do stuff without struggling, and an OS that doesn't, it's not a hard choice.

This goes right back to that "why do people insist on coming up with solutions that involve changing human nature" dealie. It doesn't work. You can't do it. End of story. Even the DRM stuff is easier to deal with than changing users to do anything major, and people are lazy like you wouldn't believe.
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