Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt


I bought a new CD a few days ago. I brought it home and opened the case. Inside were *two* CDs. "Huh? What?" The track list seemed to imply it was just one CD, so I put the CD in, played it, and yep, those were all the tracks. I forgot about the second CD for a week or so (please ignore the fact that this pretty much required me to erase it from my memory, since I swapped CDs pretty often).

Finally, I decided to see what was on it. I took it out and put it in my CD drive.

My CD drive refused to read it.

No, no audio tracks on it . . . no data tracks . . . actually it didn't even seem to be a valid CD.

Google revealed the answer. It's not a CD. It's a DVD. Yes, that's right - I just spent $15 on an audio CD with a bonus DVD. That's similar to spending $4000 a new windshield and getting a free car along with it, all the time with the windshield maker insisting that windshields really do cost that much money to make.

Still don't know what's on the DVD. I'll have to wait until I bring it home, I don't have a DVD drive here.
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