Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Tried Mozilla again.

Total time until deletion: fifteen seconds. (And five of that was loading.)

See, I went to www.kuro5hin.org to test out the renderer. And there was a horizontal scroll bar, and the window was actually *wider* than I wanted it to be.

IE handled the narrower window fine. Sure it starts getting a bit cramped if you crunch it *way* down, but it fits K5 without scroll bars in under 700 horizontal pixels, while Mozilla wanted over 950. I dunno, maybe that's part of the site code that IE's getting wrong and Mozilla's getting right.

Slashdot doesn't look *quite* as good crunched down - IE cheerfully breaks the enormous "department" names at -'s, like it should, while Mozilla dumps the whole thing onto another line. But that's total nitpicking, and I had to squeeze it down further than I'd actually read it. (Remember - Mozilla fails badly on K5 at the size I normally read at.)

Somethingawful has rather odd problems in Mozilla - while the main text is the right size, the text on the left and the right is small enough that it's hard to read. IE doesn't do this. Again, perhaps this is an IE bug. Again, it's a bug that makes things look better. I could live with it, though, it's only minor stuff.

Mozilla takes significantly longer to start if it's not loaded yet, but opens new windows at the same speed as IE.

Final score: One major point, IE. Two minor points, IE. One trivial point, IE. No points, Mozilla.

It's getting a lot better, but ya know, it's hard to compete against something that Just Works. Maybe I should go try Opera instead.
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