Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

hypothetical question

Imagine there's a new space research group. They're looking for volunteers. You - yes, you - are eligible. Maybe you've got the right skill set, maybe you have a military history that they like, maybe you're just in pretty good shape. Their goal is to get a space station set up as well as a moon colony. They have designs for quite self-sufficient colonies. The colonies themselves are quite failsafe - they have redundant systems all over the place - and can handle disasters like losing an entire greenhouse bay.

On the other hand, a disaster like that will almost certainly result in casualties. Plus, the rockets used to get into space are believed to be safe, but not close to foolproof. They estimate 5% of the volunteers will be killed in the launch, and a further 10% killed in the first year at the colonies. They don't know what the statistics are like afterwards, and returning to Earth will be difficult at best.

If they get enough people, the plan is almost certain to succeed, and after these first footholds in space, further exploration is certain.

Do you volunteer?

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