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closest approach would require calculus. take the derivitave (sp?), solve for nil, that's the lowest point. yeah. it'd be a linear equation at that point . . . or it should be . . . yeah, it would. constant terms would blink out. that'd be kinda nice. probably be fast.

Next project: intersection between polygons. And I think it's doable! Because, see, what I'm looking for is the earliest moment at which one of the points touches one of the lines. AKA the point at which - bear with me here - the line segment that runs perpendicular from the contact line to the contact point has a length of 0, and the contact point is on the contact line. Which might be computable . . .

just tricky.

And it starts risking a LOT of CPU overhead - because you have to check each point with each line! In *theory* - I can do a few optimizations to make that unnecessary. Might have to precompute some stuff. And I might have to restrict it to convex shapes, but that's not a problem because any concave shape can be expressed as some number of convex shapes.

And I get locational damage! *real* locational damage!

This could be unbearably sweet - it would be a truly beautiful damage model. I could even implement bouncing . . . hmmm . . .

Thought: a collision is simulated by a high-speed frame-by-frame check. Pull the frame speed ten or a hundred times up - the calculations get easier because, if they're moving fast enough that they'll go through each other, they *will* go through each other. Thrunch.

Hrm. I'm gonna have to make gravity sensors more accurate along the primary hyperspace axis. Otherwise spacedust minefields become too powerful. And I'll need long-range wedge deflector shields.

This has been the most entries I've ever posted in one day ^^;; gomen!
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