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So here I am back from Connecticut. (I didn't win - I didn't get to the finals, again. But I did pretty well overall, actually - I beat all the people I was worried about.)

(Yes, this means that the guy who beat me was someone nobody expected. So it goes :P)

Now here's the tricky bit. See, I got a new PDA before leaving. And I played with it . . . a lot . . .

And you know how you have a great idea for an LJ entry, but then you forget it before you write it down?

That doesn't happen anymore for me. The forgetting part, not the idea part.

So here's the problem: as I write this, I have a list of no less than 23 entries I plan to post. Some of them are already written. Some of them aren't. But 23 is a lot.

So I'll be staggering them out over the next few weeks, occasionally dated from when I wrote them, occasionally not. Of course I will accumulate more as I go.

I just hope I can keep ahead of my stream of consciousness without flooding you all too badly.
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