Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

written dec 6, after several people in a row gave me free drinks, including a large company

Possibly the drunkest I've been in my life. So it goes.

That's the strange thing. Despite being too drunk to be rational, I'm still rational. (We'll see what my typing and grammar quality is like once I've sobered up. I wonder if it's going to be embarrassing.) I've got so many internal checks and balances that it all seems to work out properly - I refuse to make important decisions, and unimportant decisions are (by definition) unimportant.

I'm making more typoes - I think, this is a new input system anyway - but if anything, I’m being *more* careful than I would be normally, so it compensates.

Why does this dictionary have such an odd selection of words? It has "compensation" but not "compensates". Go figure.

(I'm allowed one drunk transgression. Sue me.)

I'm going to post this verbatim - no spelling mistakes, no grammar mistaes. We'll see how it goes.

Many more entries follow. I'm afraid I've been rather prolific.


It's ironic that the only spelling mistake I can find is the one talking about grammar mistakes. And there's that weird apostrophe in the second paragraph, but that might be the text editor's fault . . . honestly I'm not even sure how to get one of those. It's not a backtick. Maybe it's Pocket PC Notes throwing a cog and trying to be too clever for its own good.

Something you don't see here, which is actually a lot more telling than my spelling and grammar, is that I appended this to the end of another note - I didn't make a new one. I *never* do that. It confuses me. So, I seem to get the surface things that I'm concentrating on fine when I'm drunk, but it's the things I don't even think about normally that slip by.

Which somehow isn't surprising.

Anyway. Food for thought. I'm off alcohol for a week or so, methinks, I've had enough for a while :P
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