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I'm writing an updated resume. I get to the point where I talk about Topcoder, and I start listing things. I've got a standard pattern - I list all the onsites in order, then give my current ranking. Last time, it was "Currently ranked #9 out of over 3000 ranked competitors."

Unfortunately, TC has removed the feature where I can find out exactly how many ranked competitors there are - they remove people who haven't competed recently. It sounds more impressive if I can type in a larger number.

Fortunately, I just got a data dump from the admins, containing the name/ranking/number of competeitions/last competition of everyone in Topcoder. So I write a quick parser to tell me how many items are in it.


Exactly 7001.

"Currently ranked #6 out of over 7000 ranked competitors"

I feel kinda sleazy, but it's *true*!
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