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I had this entry in my mind. I was going to talk about the end of this book I read, and talk about Ezr Vinh and Trixia Bonsol, and how he worked for decades for her, and when he finally managed to save her, she decided she didn't want him anymore. And how this parallels really neatly in a very obvious way, and how that was sort of depressing. (note: these people live for half a millenia, so a few decades isn't so bad.)

Then I realized that the parallel breaks down, because Ezr found that Qiwi was interested in him, and, apparently, things went well, because seven years later they've got kids. And that was depressing also.

And *then* I remembered that shortly after I lost my Trixia, a young woman was interested in me, only I was too hurt to be able to be with her, and I ended up breaking her heart for the second time. And that was *really* depressing.

And then I heard a car horn, and looked over, and the girl I like in jewelry class had just stopped next to me and was clearing a place on the passenger's seat, so I ran over (note that this is in medium traffic) and got inside and she drove with me to class and we chatted. (okay, so it was a five-minute drive - this is still a wonderful thing.)

And everything was a lot better after that.

Except . . . even if she does like me . . . I'm going back to college in something like six weeks at this point . . .

So. Should I ask her out for something short and hopefully enjoyable to all concerned, or just let it slide?

(like I don't already know what answer I came up with.)

The real question is, do I wait a little longer to get to know her, or do I ask now in the hopes that she'll say yes and we'll have more time together?

No, the *real* question is "are you lesbian/seeing someone/asexual/spoken for/etc etc etc", but that particular question I can't get an answer to by posting.

. . . I keep remembering that . . . dude. that rocks. she stopped for me! how awesome is that?
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