Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<Raphael^^> eww
<Raphael^^> a 49 foot python
<Stingray_> 49 foot? daamn
<Stingray_> that's like 7 7-foot pythons end to end
<JeyK> or like
<JeyK> 49 1-ft pythons!!
<Stingray_> or like.. half of a 98-foot python!
<skie> thats like... almost a 50 foot python!
<Stingray_> slightly larger than a 48-foot python
<ZorbaTHut> stingray, really? how much larger?
<Aeplus> yeah... it's like a 50' python but a foot shorter
<Stingray_> zorba: you could probably fit a few 1/3-foot pythons in the gap
<JeyK> that's like.. the square root of a 2401 ft python!
<ZorbaTHut> it's like the arithmetic mean of a 48-foot python and a 50-foot python
<Aeplus> that's one big snake
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