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It's really frustrating. I want to use Mozilla. Really I do. It's open-source, and as much as I complain about open-source quality, the fact is that I do think open-source is potentially superior. It doesn't have as many security problems. It handles page rendering better. And, really, I just want to *support* it.

But it's hard, you know?

Results of this test:

Ctrl-N doesn't work like expected - it should open a new window at the same location, not a new window at a completely different location. Possibly fixable by hacking the source. (Hey, it's open-source.) Minor annoyance.
Bookmarks don't work like I expect. Bookmarks with the same name will not overwrite each other (wtf?) Possibly fixable by hacking the source. Critical problem, due to how I read webcomics.
Mozilla crashed in the middle of entering data into a totally innocuous form. Not practically fixable. Critical problem.

Guess I'll try again in another few months.
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