Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Dear god does this entry sound egotistical when you go back and look at it.

Okay. So. Question, for those of you who are cursed with competence. (Not a typo.)

Assume you have a particular skill you're good at. Assume that most the people in this particular skillset is filled with wannabes. Assume that, like most skills, there's no good way to get a single "competence" score, telling you precisely how good you are at it. However, assume that there *is* a way to rank one facet of it, and assume that in that facet, you are quite literally and factually one of the best in the world.

Untrained, at that, competing against people with years of training.

So how do you say things like "I don't believe I'll meet many people who can match me in my field" without it sounding like you're a jackass? (I *could* hyperlink "a jackass", but I'm not going to.)

I'm honestly curious here. I don't know, maybe it's impossible. It's really irritating though. I mean, as soon as you tell someone, they go emotionally bananas in many fascinating ways. Some of them suddenly decide that I'm pulling a superiority trip (when I wasn't *before* I mentioned it, and I didn't do anything differently afterwards), some of them go into this whole icky hero-worship thing (which is rare admittedly), and some of them just seem to get scared.

And now that I've thoroughly divided by readership into "he's pulling a superiority trip!" and "wow, he's so cool! I wish I could be just like Zorba" (no you don't), I'm going to go AFK, thus guaranteeing the maximum amount of confusion before I can reply to people's comments.
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