Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

in which zorba doesn't talk about sex, and fails

Yesterday, everything worked great except orkut. Today, only orkut is working. What ISP are these people using, "d20 Downtime Net"?

In other news, I now have no less than THREE potential romance prospects, and two of them are even within driving distance. I mean, WTF? Am I doing something right, failing to do something wrong, or just getting toyed with by the gods?

I would say "it comes in spurts". But I won't.

Incidentally, LIRR rocks and sucks, in parallel. It sucks because it takes two hours to get to Stony Brook. It rocks because without LIRR, I wouldn't be able to get there at all - plus I've taken more train in the past week than in the entire rest of my life.

That sounds extremely bad as well, in retrospect. *sets subject*

I'm thinking of getting a VPS. With a good VPS, I'd be able to tunnel past any overzealous firewall, store important data (and reasonably large amounts of it) in a place where I could always reach it, host my website without worrying about my computer being in a box traveling from Seattle to Stony Brook for large periods of time (as a purely hypothetical situation, you understand), and in general, it would kick much donkey. Anyone here got much experience with those? Horror stories, antihorror stories, things to look for/avoid?

Yay, I managed to get through one paragraph without a sexual innuendo!

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