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I'm thinking college might have been the wrong choice.

I'm not sure there's anything here that I can't get other places. The classes are interesting . . . somewhat . . . but I'm not sure it's worth it. Three years for an EE degree - it would be nice, but would I really use it? A year and a half for a CS degree, unless I can talk them into doing something weird - but, honestly, why do I want a CS degree?

It'll be unbelievably expensive.

And it's not like there's anything here that I can't get other places. The people are . . . well, people. I'm starting over from ground zero, trying to find people to be friends with, and realizing that even if I can I'm just going to have to do it all again when I get a job. And it's not like the density of people-that-I-like is any higher here than anywhere else - I mean, come on, if I end up working at Google or NVidia or GenericGameCompany, the "interest" factor will probably be near 100%.

So why am I here exactly?

First answer: Because I refuse to *run away*, I refuse to be chased away from college, which is basically what happened last time. After one semester here, if I do well, that will no longer apply.

Second answer: Because I want to get a degree . . . I think.

Third answer: To learn more stuff . . . that I won't use . . . that I could learn in a community college, for much cheaper, while working somewhere I like . . .

Fourth answer: . . . why *am* I here?

I'm not going to leave halfway through this semester. I'm not gonna be chased away. I want to finish this semester and do it *well*.

I'm not sure I want to come back next year, though.

Any comments? Anything I'm missing?
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