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fourth of july, one year ago

Bah. I don't like memories. They hurt.

So maybe I am being selfish and a jerk with all this . . . if I'm being selfish and a jerk, she's doing the same several times over.

Trying to get in contact with someone who may or may not care is one thing. Avoiding someone who is clearly trying desperately to talk to you is another entirely.

And maybe I am concerned with myself for once . . . for two weeks, I was only concerned with her, and I *was* staying away when she didn't want me. And we all see how that turned out.

Econ class taught me that everything has a price. If I offered to pay you a lot of money if you amputated your leg, how much would it take? A million? A billion? A trillion? Perhaps money doesn't have enough value. Perhaps I'd need something else. Everlasting love? How about if I said I would clean up the pollution over the entire world, and make sure no species ever went extinct again? How about if I assured you that your children would have happy lives? How about if I gave you a prosthetic leg, which was completely identical in every way? How about if it was stronger and tougher?

How about if I gave you all of those things?

Everyone's got a price for everything, everything balances if you add enough to one side or the other . . . there are no absolutes.

(NO ABSOLUTES! NEVER! there is NOTHING that is absolute! okay, if you don't get the joke by now, you're not going to :P)

but, yeah. She's not more important than I am, and I'm not more important than she is . . . I'll take some pain for her (or I would have) but not that much. If she's not going to stand up for my feelings, well, I guess I will :P

And as it seems the flunky has no regard whatsoever for my feelings, there's no way I'm gonna deal with him.

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