Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

So I go to the computer lab since there's stuff I need to do. Unfortunately, it is (as usual) pretty much full, and in desperation I end up sitting at one of their G4s.

The keyboard sucks. You know how all keyboards suck until you pop the little feet out and make it sit at a good angle? It's like that. So I look for little feet on it that I can pop out. I do, rather quickly, find something that seems to be in the right place . . . but I can't get it to work to hold the keyboard's back up a little better.

Finally I figure it out. It's *already* doing that. This is as "up" as the back of the keyboard gets. Without that thing there, the keyboard is practically tilted *away* from you.

Did Apple's entire usability department die or something? (Answer: yes. Just look at the Dock. I've accumulated more hatred of the Dock in about a hour of use than I have of any other operating system feature ever. Look! It's pretty! It moves! It has half a dozen nearly-indistinguishable icons! And it has no redeeming features whatsoever!)

Oh yeah - even the mousewheel scrolling is screwed up. See, if you click the mousewheel several times in series, it decides you want to move quickly, so it makes mousewheel clicks several times faster. The problem is, if you actually meant "three clicks down", you end up about a page and a half down and have to scroll up - which is now "eight clicks up", AKA "the top of the document unless you're reading Slashdot". Trying to make any fine adjustments is an exercise in futility, since you have to wait a few seconds between clicks.

The worst part is that you can't get it to go fast when you *want* it to.

Yes, I imagine this is configurable, but it certainly isn't on these locked-down computers.
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