Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Is this even legal?

I have one class with an expensive textbook.

Okay, okay. That's legal. I'm going to avoid the whole "$150 for a new textbook" debate - I think it's highway robbery, but it's still, you know. It's capitalism. You live with it.

But. This class's "textbook" is not actually a textbook. It's a spiral-bound set of photocopied pages and diagrams. The diagrams aren't even very high-quality - most of them look like somebody just grabbed a pen and sketched them on the paper. (Which is probably exactly what happened.) It's not exactly *small*, but it's not exactly large either - it can't be more than 200 pages, and it's set in a nice big double-spaced font. The "author" is, of course, the teacher.

It costs $85.

No, wait. It gets worse.

First, we are not allowed to sell it back to the bookstore. Which is confusing, until you find out why:

Each copy has a serial number. The teacher checks the serial number to make sure you bought your own copy. If you didn't, you're not allowed to pass the class. End of story.

I'm honestly thinking about complaining to the adminstration on this one. It's not like I've got much to lose, and this should *not* be permitted. Not, of course, that it'll help any.
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