Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

I've discovered another reason I need to get out of this school. I'm rapidly losing all respect for my teachers.

I've already mentioned the EE textbook. So let's move on to my physics lab. I got a 9.7 in it (out of 10), and my partner got a 7. Why? Well, I made a mistake. I forgot to add one of the factors into my calculation. So my result ended up looking slightly more realistic, and they didn't bother to look any closer at my calculations.

They looked at his, though, and deducted points for . . . what? We couldn't figure it out. That was the only difference - that my result was closer than his - well, except for the mistake I made. And I got 2.7 more points for making that mistake.

Clearly it's the result, not the process . . . but okay, mistakes happen. How about AI?

My AI teacher is terrible. I have long suspected that he does not actually know the material - or, indeed, how to program. Today I had to explain to him how to set up the state space of a problem. (You have a vacuum cleaner, located in one of two rooms. Each room could be dirty or clean. There are 8 spaces total. How do you set it up?) He spent 10 minutes on it, and eventually I just groaned inwardly and explained it to him.

But he has these really nice powerpoint presentations . . . so he must have known something to write them, right?

Today he left the cursor over an image for about ten seconds accidentally and it popped up a URL. Not of this school. With someone else's name. I managed to copy enough of it down to find it afterwards. Unfortunately, the server is down - but I searched for several phrases in the slides and, well, here's the lecture, identical images and all. (Though not in Powerpoint format.)

That, itself, appears to be copied from a textbook, though at least they gave credit for it.

My Shakespeare teacher, on the other hand, appears to know what she's doing. And, unlike the others, speaks English. So far I think I'm enjoying that class the most - competence and understandability are a pretty good combo.

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