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snicker. And, of course, any page about psychos can't be complete without timecube and Alex Chiu. Someday I will put his banner on my site, and eventually I will get a free pair of eternal life rings to test out.

For those who are curious . . . the message from my ex basically said "yes, I care about you and want to be friends, but I don't want to talk to you. So bugger off." though not quite in those words. Okay, okay, in the fairness of reporting I'll paste it in. (replacing my real name with my nickname.)
hey zorba.. i do care about you, i do want to be friends, but i'm not ready to talk to you right now.. i'll get in touch when i am (like i said b4). til then, please don't contact me
so basically . . . I'm trying to decide if I want to be mad at her now or wait and be mad at her later.

I'm trying to remember a quote - something like "your rights end where the rights of others begin". All things considered . . . it's not just her on the line here, and she's just making a unilateral demand.

At least, that's how it looks to me . . . not *only* did she break up with me, but she *also* wants to be friends - she's just only willing to be friends when she wants to be, and she'll let me know when I'm allowed to talk to her.

There's nobody on my friends list I wouldn't happily go out of my way for. And there are lots I'd go *way* out of my way for . . . and a few I'd basically do anything for.

She's not even willing to tell me how she's *feeling*. Or, for that matter, let me tell her how I'm feeling. Except, of course, when she wants to know, at which point she can just check LJ . . . feh.

The most annoying thing about this is that that note is almost word-for-word what the flunky said. I mean . . . if it was just coming from her, I'd frown at it, say "her writing style looks like it's changed a bit", and drop it. But . . . I'm not even talking to *her* anymore.

I remember when we were still together, she was frustrated with life because it seemed like she was always doing what people told her to do. Now . . . it looks like she's not even frustrated with it anymore.


In happier news, I finally got around to sending a message to Jean (isn't it ironic? I use her *real* name on here because she can't be found that way . . .) who is . . . well, the first person to fall in love with me. And the first person I hurt badly . . . and the third, also, on both counts. And the single person I probably have the most regrets about . . . that I didn't go out with her the first time, and that I didn't realize I wasn't ready the second time. Well . . . she doesn't seem to be still mad at me. Just like old times, chatting about random things and squid. (yes, squid.) And, bah, part of me wants her to fall in love with me again so I can do it RIGHT this time, and part of me doesn't know if I could handle it, but . . . I want to be friends with her, and I won't push for anything more than that. But if she falls for me, I'll be there for her for once :/

Though I certainly wouldn't object to just being friends.

And the "p" in "pfunny" is silent.
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