Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<StoneCyph> Thing is, I don't have any board game players to play with
<StoneCyph> I have an unused copy of Settlers of Catan and another of Carcasonne
<ZorbaTHut> pick up girls in bars
<ZorbaTHut> "Hey, you wanna go play board games?"
<ZorbaTHut> "I've got this one about wizards!"
<StoneCyph> ZorbaTHut: "Hey, baby, wanna go play some chutes and ladders?"
<ZorbaTHut> if it works, you've got the perfect woman. :)
<StoneCyph> agreed
<Stingray_> Zorba: nah, she might turn out to like Dragonlance
<ZorbaTHut> "Then he moved the bandit onto my woods, and took a sheep from me, and I knew he was my one true love."
<StoneCyph> "Turn-ons: PhD, Knockers, Board Games, B-Movies. Turn-offs: republicans, stress, dragonlance."
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