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double standards

Why am I never surprised when other people get a small flood of support in need - and I take it completely for granted that *I* go out of my way to help people - but never expect people to flood to *me*?

. . . now it's my turn to say thanks. Thanks :) I really hadn't realized how much people were liking me . . . well. Thanks for your support, everyone.

On another note -

these brownies are GREAT.

I don't know about *other* people, but I personally don't like fully cooked brownies. They end up generally a bit spongy and dry. I prefer to leave them a little undercooked, so there's still moisture - the problem is then they're gooey. Which is survivable, all things considered - there are worse things than gooey brownies.

Well, with these brownies, I thought I'd screwed up and left they *way* undercooked, because they were really gooey. Still mighty tasty though. Well, after leaving them overnight, I came back, and - they've solidified! it's, like, solid brownie chocolate now. With embedded mostly-melted chocolate chips, but not *quite* totally melted, so I get little crunches of chocolate now and then. And the crust is crunchy. These are truly great brownies.

. . . just like my friends! (okay, okay, that was contrived.)

Thanks again . . . great friends and brownies . . . really, what more could someone want?
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