Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

author writing styles

I'm dumping a bunch of ebooks on my PDA right now. Some ebooks are annoyingly formatted - the person who did them decided to cleverly chop off every line at a certain width and continue it on the next line. Generally this is 75 characters or so. Unfortunately, my PDA's screen only gets about 55 characters wide - so any ebook formatted this way is basically unreadable.

Solution: write a program to undo it.

As part of my early debug output, I'm getting information on the longest lines in each book. Now, a lot of these books are formatted correctly (I'm designing my program to compensate automatically) so the "longest line" is actually 'longest paragraph".

I've basically got a ton of Heinlein, Eddings, and Zelazny on here right now.

Heinlein keeps his paragraphs small - 1100 characters usually.
Eddings goes on quite a bit longer, hitting 1800 regularly.
Zelazny, on the other hand, is completely insane, often breaking 3500.

I find this interesting. Maybe I'll run it on a bunch more ebooks later.

Back to coding.
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