Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

journey prime: may 19th, wednesday

On Wednesday I set out.

I'd already packed most of my stuff, I just had one small computer left, some blankets, and a few random things. So I tossed them in the car and started doing errands.

I had something like four errands, I believe. The irritating thing is they seemed to be carefully laid out to make efficiency impossible. So I did them inefficiently - change-of-address form, beer bottle recycling (and I've got a rant about that coming up), mailing the computer and random things, and I forget what the fourth errand was. Which, naturally, took longer than I was expecting, but I was expecting that, so it was OK.

Next stop was the AAA on the way to NYC, which I missed entirely, finally figured out what had gone wrong, said "screw it", and kept going.

My first real stop was, in fact, in NYC. My uncle lives there and I'd said I'd visit him and spend the night. So I set course for NYC itself and drove. This isn't a long drive, but it was made longer - well, slower - by the fact that I'd ended up in the middle of rush hour (doh) and the fact that my car stalled on the freeway (doh). Luckily it was a downhill stretch, so I let off the brakes and slowly accelerated (getting honked at from behind), then noticed a *big* gap in the lane next to me and turned into it (getting honked at more), and from there I could turn onto the shoulder (getting honked at yet more, despite my hazard lights being on and my car obviously not being turned on - ain't NYC great.)

I'm pretty sure it was the ignition coil - it was hot (like, hotter than it should be) and it wouldn't start. I'm guessing it was due to the glacial traffic speed, and the decidedly non-glacial temperature and humidity. So I turned it off and waited a bit, and watched a police car or two drive by without making eye contact (thanks guys) and eventually tried again and it worked. Drove to Brooklyn, found a parking space - surprisingly - and stopped.

Don't worry. The adventure will continue.
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