Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

journey prime: may 20th, thursday


Let's try this again.

Thursday I left NYC. I was heading to some relatives in the middle of New Jersey, but first I was planning to stop at an AAA in northern New Jersey. Before that, of course, I had to leave NYC, which proved more difficult than I was expecting.

See, in order to leave NYC, you have to get on the freeway. Which isn't a problem when you can find a freeway onramp that isn't under construction. Let's just say that in a few months NYC residents will have a few nice new freeway onramps near Brooklyn - all in a line, in fact - and leave it at that.

Once I left NYC I was in New Jersey, and honestly, things didn't improve from there.

The thing about New Jersey is that it's too dense. Actually, the thing about New Jersey is that it's not dense enough. I suppose, technically, the thing about New Jersey is that it's exactly the wrong denseness. It's dense enough, for example, that you can never find a good place to turn off and check your map - but it's not dense enough for minor details like, say, proper signage. (Although Buffalo's got them beat hands-down, but that's getting ahead of myself.)

So I'd drive past my turn accidentally and realize it about ten minutes later, then spend ten minutes trying to find a place to park to look at my map. Lather, rinse, repeat (repeat, repeat, repeat.) An hour or two later - literally - I'd discovered quite a few areas that *weren't* the right place, and finally a much smaller subset that *were*.

<me> Hi, I need some maps.
<AAA receptionist> Are you taking a trip?
<me> Yeah, I'm going from here to Seattle, then to San Francisco.
<AAA receptionist> Ooh, that's a long way. I don't know if we can help you with that.
<me> You don't have maps for that area?
<AAA receptionist> Oh, we can give you maps.
(What just happened? Can someone give me a map of this *conversation*?)

New Jersey highways, incidentally, are weird. Combine the worst features of major streets and highways and you've got what it's like to drive in New Jersey. See, (1) there's stoplights. Like, constantly. But also, (2) you can't turn wherever you want - you have to wait for the turnoffs, which are all on the right and very weirdly constructed. Yes, you would actually come to an intersection and not be allowed to turn under any circumstances - you'd have to take the exit a few hundred feet earlier, which would spit you out onto the road that you'd otherwise just want to turn onto.

I don't get it. It seems like it solves no problems. But who am I to judge.

After leaving the AAA place, I headed for my aunt's house, which I found despite a wrong turn or two - I was actually a bit proud of that one since I found it based on instinct and landmarks after missing my exit.

I suppose I could talk about how my aunt's house is pretty (it is) or how it was getting hot (it was) or any number of things which hold absolutely no interest for anyone except me. But I won't.
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