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and the last reason I just remembered . . . which is, yes, she didn't say "I promise". She may have meant "I won't break up with you due to leaving for Hawaii", which technically is true. She may have had no intention of leaving me at all.

But when it all comes down to it . . . she said she wouldn't leave me. She said it very definitely and at a time when I clearly needed to hear it with total certainty. And she left me.


I don't want this to turn into me-badmouthing-my-ex, so I'll try to not do so. But, still . . . I loved her, we were going to be together forever, and she hurt me and dumped me, then tried to blame it on me. And doesn't forgive me, despite me forgiving (okay, almost forgiving) her.

On another note, Joe Average, a comic strip I frequent, took an interesting turn of events a few months back - note that this is a comic that has basically been characterized by Joe being beaten on, ignored, and exploited. And today's strip is so cute ^^

On yet another note, I just noticed that sarah/jude has added me to her friends list, which I have to admit, came as a bit of a surprise. I've only talked to her, what, two? three times? via LiveJournal comments, and I just plain don't expect people to consider *me* a friend that quickly. Logically, I can't imagine why I don't . . . emotionally, I dunno, it just seems, why would they want to be my friend? ah well. Guess I'm just nuts (well, okay, yes, I knew that already, but that's not the point).

I keep starting this paragraph and realizing that either it's not how I feel at all or is something I already said. Time to go do math homework. Bah, more proofs, I bet. Can't we do something simple, like, I dunno, find the reduced row echelon form of a 20x20 matrix? :P And solve it. And graph it! Oh yeah. Okay, that last one would take, um, what do you call a 20-dimensional solid? a hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-hyper-cube?

That's one hyper cube. It should probably lay off the speed.

(As this entry degenerates into inanity . . .)
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