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Can anyone remind me what it's like to use a working computer? 'Cause I've forgotten. The box at my mom's is so slow that task switching is an ordeal and can take up to 20 seconds. I came here to the college labs to use Illustrator - well, after having it hard-crash once, be unable to connect to an FTP to upload, and finally getting it to start working, I find several features aren't working, though they claim they will. Why? After some work, I end up opening Key Caps (yes, it's a mac) and find that the computer believes I'm holding down option, A, and the left arrow key.

It's gonna be *such* a relief to get back to Sharon.

Especially if I can have the money to upgrade her . . . which I might, since I just finished applying to Volt. (Got 19/20 on the Word 2000 test, despite not having used Word for more than fifteen minutes in the past year. Got 19/20 on the Excel test, despite not having used Excel for the past year. Or three. I dunno what I got on the typing test, except that I finished their entire sample and started it again in the time allotted . . .)

So maybe I'll have some work to do (graveyard shift? pleeeeease?) and maybe some money and maybe I'll have a *really* working computer when I get back to school.

Still . . . I wish I could do some useful programming that didn't feel like I was wading through quicksand >_< When you're out-typing a computer, you *know* something's wrong . . . bah.
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