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what if someone made a book like Mona Lisa?

You people write a lot. I have 34 new entries to read in under 24 hours! Not that I'm complaining, 'cause this means hearing a lot about people I like. But still :P I'm surprised that nobody posted in the time it took me to read 'em all and write a small ton of replies.

Someone online is talking about making games - standard formulaic questions. What do you need to make games? well, you need to know how to program, if you want to do it yourself. Okay, what *else* do you need? Ideas. He informs us that he knows physics, and . . . I can't get the appropriate intonation across without directly quoting. I think I'll copy'n'paste.

<kenalex> what does a person need other than experience in C++ to Make GAMES
<ant^^> drive to make 'em
<pheta> kenalex; ideas...
<ant^^> well I guess they also need a computer and ideas, but that's obvious :)
<kenalex> just that
<Han_Solo> it helps if you are good at physics
<kenalex> do mean the Matrix
<kenalex> I just complete A level Physics and Maths at college
<Han_Solo> kenalex, try taking an english class while at college
<kenalex> i got an A in English
<kenalex> have anyone seen the Matrix
* ant^^ has seen it, has the DVD even but no DVD player yet
<ZorbaTHut> kenalex, your college must give easy grades >_<
<kenalex> what if a person made a game like the Matrix
<ZorbaTHut> kenalex, movie-to-game ports don't work directly. it's impossible. they're different artforms.
<ant^^> Then people would say "hey, you're watching the Matrix!"
<ZorbaTHut> It's like saying, what if someone made a book like Mona Lisa?
<ant^^> exactly
<kenalex> nope i fail alot of the classes at first
<ant^^> A movie is a passive experience.
<ant^^> Then the book wouldn't be a book :)
<kenalex> then i understood the cocepts of physics
<ant^^> Make a game with a world similar looking to the Matrix world. But then, the movie is lost. It's not about the look of things so much as the plot and flow.
<ant^^> And a game that took only two hours for the player to complete wouldn't be taken well.
<kenalex> What if someone made a movie from TEKEN

. . . really, how do you deal with someone like this?

it's continuing from here - he's fixating on Tekken as we speak. (only spelling it with one k.) There are so many people who don't know what they're even remotely talking about who want to go into games . . . and some of them are at least going in for good reasons, i.e. "I like games". I mean, it's *something*. But we're starting to get people going in just for the money. I mean, work it out! Take one programmer, two artists, and a concept developer for a year - if you can sell a few hundred thousand copies, that's a lot of money. (not like it works that way.)

Note that I think kenalex isn't from the US, which excuses his not knowing English, but doesn't excuse the not knowing game theory :P

Something people often forget in my experience: Not being able to speak English well isn't always a sign that someone's a moron. Sometimes they're a very smart foreigner. Languages are tough.

Then again, those two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive :P

The one thing the Internet has successfully done is remove a *lot* of the ethnic barriers. The only one left is language - basically, as long as someone can speaking English more gooder than I can, I'm not likely to look down on them at all on first impressions. Even if not, I'm still not (unless they're doing things like spelling "what's your name?" with an "a/s/l"). Although a lot of people don't seem to realize this - I've been accused a racist once for banning someone annoying online. (apparently he was black. how was I supposed to know? he was still annoying.)

The one *nice* thing about the internet - "Yeah. You're black. Good for you. Want a permban?" "I'll sue you!" "Go right ahead, you have no case." - there's no guarantee of use. None at all. If we were to ban everyone from Indonesia, say, well, that's just tough - the Indonesians must have done something really really annoying en masse. (in fact, that channel *does* have Indonesia banned for some reason - I don't know why.) It's back to the old statement of full ownership - we own this channel. It is ours. If we care to only let certain groups in, well, that's just too bad for the other people . . . and since we're nice people, we only ban with reason. (I do not know why Brazilians tend to be annoying - but they do. Then again, so do AOLers, who are also banned, along with their Swedish equivalent.)

. . . anyway. I probably ought to drop into the conversation and restore a little order in the channel, it's degenerating into chaos. I wonder who's going to accuse me of being racist? . . . yet everything I said is based in fact . . . there was an insane flood of annoying Brazilians a year back. Everywhere. I'm not making this up - some guy would join a channel and start spamming in flashing technicolor. So we'd ban him. Hostmask would end with .br. Eventually a lot of channels just gave up and banned Brazilians :P

anyway. end rant. Since I personally don't own any IRC channels of any note, I can't remove the big bans, only enforce and monitor, and add small bans. (and remove small bans.)
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