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superliminal advertising

A few days ago, I brought up the old tried-and-true discussion - if subliminal advertising is advertising that's totally unnoticed but very effective, then what would superliminal advertising be? Usually there are a few comments back and forth - advertising that's so obvious that you totally ignore it? Like the sound stage in the first Star Trek movie. (For those who don't know, there's a very dramatic scene in which - at one point - the camera zooms back far enough to see a good half of the sound stage holding the set in place. It's so obvious that nobody ever sees it. Look for just after Kirk leaves the airlock in the spacesuit. It's best if you watch the entire scene from where Spock leaves.) From the definition I have up there, the answer would be advertising that's in your face constantly and is utterly ignored.

Someone pointed out to me that we already have this, though.

They're called Internet ads.

C'mon, how often do you actually notice them? Studies have shown (no, I can't quote any) that humans have literally filtered out Internet ads - that 468x50 pixel space at the top of webpages is totally ignored. Like, even more ignored than ignoring it - it doesn't even register subconsciously anymore. You have to point it out to people. Same with popups - it's a reflexive close at this point.

So there we have it - ads that are so obvious that nobody bothers to pay attention.

Superliminal advertising.

And to finish the entry, I demonstrate the Internal American that all of us share . . .

<qdawgy> i heard the computer industry isn't doing so well in some places...stock market crashing left and right
<ZorbaTHut> yeah. stupid republicans.
<ZorbaTHut> grrr :P
<ZorbaTHut> all republicans are evil!
<ZorbaTHut> and intolerant people should all be SHOT! without even a trial!
<ZorbaTHut> GRRRRR! I'm an american, and I'm always right!
<ZorbaTHut> okay, okay, that's out of my system :P

And kirub says I'm funny and nice. I never expect people to randomly compliment me . . . and yes, we must talk more often! pity I'm so consistently busy at sane hours :/

now, if I can only find someone to call me cute . . . ;)

(or sexy. hey, that would work. wouldn't exactly complain.)
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