Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Trying out Doom 3.

Early reactions:

That's pretty.

That's pretty too.

They still can't get faces right.

My god, that guy has a normal seam RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FOREHEAD.

Who modeled these people's heads, anyway? They look like they've gone through a trash compactor. Spheres aren't hard, guys.

Shadows are pretty - but sharp shadows are still incongrous. Still, it's better than nothing.

Hey, look, another dark corridor. It's an Id game alright.

Haven't I seen this gameplay in, say, System Shock II? Only better.

Damn, that Carmack guy's good at writing engines. I just wish he was good at writing games too.

Step 1: Make player walk slowly. Step 2: Add "run" option. Step 3: Make "autorun" option. Step 4: Remove slow walking. Step 5: Add new "run faster" option. I can hardly wait until humans can normally run 100mph in FPS games.

So wait. They're sending me underground, into a place where there's no possible danger or enemies, and . . . they're outfitting me with a flak vest and a pistol . . .

These people must have gotten their security personnel from the same place as the WEC did.

I have to admit, these shadow effects are badass.

"Energy processing" . . . apparently an important part of processing energy is spinning it around several times. How odd.
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