Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

There's one major problem with Doom 3 that I must point out.

See, most of the game is dark. And yet, you have a flashlight! But, you can't use the flashlight at the same time as a weapon.

And none of the weapons have lights.

And there's no duct tape in the game.

This is fine as a gameplay mechanic except that it's REALLY UNREALISTIC. What, you're saying I can't grab a helmet off one of these zombies (you know, the ones with helmets) and duct-tape a flashlight to it? This isn't hard, folks.

In fact, who says I have the only flashlight in the game? Let's duct-tape flashlights pointing EVERY direction!

I know that's what I'd do if I could. :P
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