Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt


I never thought anyone could make the jumping puzzle cliche worse. But Id has succeeded.

"Let's make a jumping puzzle! Everyone loves jumping puzzles."
"Too easy."
"We can add weird psychedelic graphics so it's hard to see the platforms."
"Too easy."
"And we can make the platforms black, the same as the backdrop, so it's nearly impossible to see them!"
"Too easy."
"Plus we'll have enemies shooting at the player."
"Too easy."
"Enemies *flying* at the player. And knocking him off the platforms."
"Too easy."
"Enemies TELEPORTING IN, flying at the player, and knocking him off the platforms."
"And we'll make sure he doesn't have any useful weapons."
"Now you're talking!"

For all my complaining before, I was mostly griping about the fact that it wasn't spectacular. Now . . . this isn't even *fun*.

If you'll excuse me, I have another pitch-black maze to thread my way through.
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