Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Finally got done cataloging this.

Trade paperbacks:
Absurd Notions
Books of Magic
Finder 1
From the Desk of Warren Ellis 1-2
Girl Genius 1
Global Frequency 1
League 1
Lucifer 1-5
Planetary 1-2
Planetary Reader
Preacher 1-9
Promethea 1-2
Sandman 1-10
Sandman: Dreaming Special
Sandman: Endless Nights
Sandman: Taller Tales
Sandman: Merv Pumpkinhead, Agent of Dream
Swamp Thing 1-2
Tom Strong 1-2
Transmet 1-9
Transmet: Filth of the City
Xenozoic 1
Y 1-2

Single issue:
As If
Changers 1-2
Dicks2 2a
Disposable Boy 2
Girl Genius 1-11
GitS2 1-4,6-7
Global Frequency 1-2,7-11
Lucifer 29-45
Lucifer Nirvana
Planetary 16-17,19
Promethea 10
Sandman: Everything 1
Smax 1-5
Top Ten 1ab-12
Transmet 34-60
Wheel of Worlds 0
Y 11-18

Free Comic Book Day AKA The Sludge File:
Avatar Sampler
Courtney Crumrin And The Night Things
Landis 0
Leave It To Chance
Metallix 1
Peanut Butter & Jeremy
Robocop / Stargate SG1
Skinwalker 1
The Best Of The Dork Storm

Any suggestions?
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