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There's been constant joke in my life that, apparently, I run in metric time. See, with metric time, there are 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour, and 10 hours in a day. Which works out to around 27.8 non-metric hours per day.

For a month or two after getting here I was trying to hold myself to a 24-hour day, as usual. At one point I realized hey - wait - I don't need to anymore! I don't have meetings to go to, and I have a car so I can get to work at just about any time I feel like.

So I stopped the whole 24-hour day thing, and decided to just see what happened.

I seem to have ended up on about a 28-hour day. Maybe there's some truth to metric time.

My normal day: I get up at whatever time I get up. Obviously this changes gradually. Sometimes I go straight in to work, more often I play games for an hour or two or work on personal projects. Then I go in to work.

With a 28-hour day, you have more hours, but less days. 8-hour workdays don't make much sense. So I work a 10-hour day, and I work four of them a week. After work, I've been up for around 13 or 14 hours, so I play games and work on personal projects for another 4 or 5 hours, then go to sleep for ten hours.

Mealtimes happen when mealtimes happen - Google feeds me twice a day, and if I'm in the building at those times I eat then. Otherwise it's based off how long until another Google meal and how hungry I am - sometimes I make breakfast, sometimes I make dinner, sometimes I just snack.

Curiously, this seems to be working incredibly well. I have a surprising amount of free time (to the point where I'm actually both beating games rapidly and making progress on D-Net), I no longer end up spending several hours trying to go to sleep since I don't bother going to bed until I'm actually sleepy, and I never have to pull myself awake after four hours of sleep.

This rocks.

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