Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Comic shops rock. Everyone's so friendly. I mean, you're in there for the comics. Everyone's in there for the comics. Nobody's about to yell "You're stupid! Comics are for kids!" with a stack of Teen Titans under their arm.

So there I am, wandering around the comic shop, browsing the new stuff, and I overhear someone talking to the guy at the counter.

"Yeah, there's this great series called Platinum Grit, but you can't find it anywhere."
"I've never even heard of it."

At this point I wander over and break into the conversation.

"The people who did that put it all on their website, I think. At least, it's 13 issues or so."
"Hey, really? I should check that out."
"Yeah, I'll write that down."

I start wandering towards the door, and the guy at the counter (who knows me, we've had many conversations about FFXI) notices.

"You leaving already? Not buying anything?"
"Nah, nothing new that I'm looking for today, it seems."
"Pity. Oh, another copy of Flight should be coming in for you soon."
"Cool, looking forward to it. Oh, did you ever get copies of Daisy Kutter #2?"
"Hmmm. No, I don't think we ever got those in."

Someone else waiting in line breaks in. Someone old. We're talking 70 years old here. He didn't have a cane, but he looked like he was only a few weeks away from needing one.

"You did have those - I picked it up last week. I think you're out now."
"Ah, okay. We'll probably get more in in a week or two, then."
"Great, thanks."

Comic shops rock.
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