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Last night I was playing Puzzle Pirates when my computer crashed.

This is, in fact, entirely normal. My computer crashes. I'm used to it. It used to not crash quite as much, but then I put in quieter fans and it crashes slightly more often. We're talking "once every week or so" as opposed to "once every month or so". It was worth it. (For those of you who still think uptimes of more than a week matter for home computers: you're wrong.) So my computer crashed, and I said "oh well, I was going to bed anyway", turned the computer off, and went to bed.

When I woke up, I turned my computer on again, logged in, and it crashed again.

This is *not* normal. Generally speaking, my computer either fails to POST (I think there's something funky with my SCSI card), works, or overheats. It POSTed fine and it hadn't had time to overheat yet. So this was weird.

I tried again. It crashed again.

I proceeded to try to troubleshoot. It crashed with all my cards in. It crashed with almost all my cards out. So it was either CPU, RAM, GPU, or PSU.

I decided to pull the PSU and see if there was anything obviously wrong with it.


So now BOTH my computers have died. Within about two weeks.

This sucks, you know?
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