Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

thoughts on computer repairs

So I've got four basic options here.

1) Replace parts in my computer to bring it up to previous spec.
Cost: $300. No, I'm not joking. Dual-CPU mobos aren't cheap, and neither are high-end PSUs.
Pros: I'd have my computer working fully again.
Cons: My computer kind of sucks at this point, and while it would, in fact, be working 100%, 100% on this computer really isn't all that impressive anymore. Plus that's $350 for a kind of sucky computer.

2) Replace parts in my computer to get it working (single CPU, less excellent PSU).
Cost: $100.
Pros: I'd have a working computer until I upgrade. Also, I can probably get the parts at Fry's.
Cons: It would be an even more sucky computer. I'd also have a spare CPU sitting around. What do you do with a lone CPU? (Answer: build an extremely cheap computer around it and use it as a gateway?)

3) Replace the mobo with a single-CPU mobo and buy it a top-end PSU.
Cost: $200.
Pros: I'd have a working computer until I upgrade, and wouldn't be wasting money on a lousy PSU.
Cons: If I misjudged which PSU to buy, I'd just end up with a very expensive spare. Also, I'd need a buy another PSU anyway if I wanted this computer to still be functional.

4) Buy an entire new computer.
Cost: $2k-3k.
Pros: New computer, top-end.
Cons: Pricey. Plus, some of the hardware and software I really want doesn't quite exist yet, though it's damn close.

I think I'm leaning towards #2. It's not really that pricey, and it's hard to have too *many* moderately-good computers lying around. Also, my strategy of "never rely on onboard components" means that I really don't care what the cheap motherboard has on it, as long as it can drive a single Athlon CPU at reasonably high speeds - and let's be honest, that's not even reasonably high speeds today.

Dammit, this means I'm going back to single-CPU hell.

And I'll be downgrading just in time for Halflife II.
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