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No, wait, I can do something - just check my todo list! Wow, I've been putting off Longings for a Rocket-Powered Sledgehammer for months now.

Not in the mood. Move on.

The Difference between Male and Female Suicide . . .

is that females try more often and males succeed more often.

No, really. There are statistics - as I remember, it's something on the order of three times as many female suicide attempts as male suicide attempts, yet three times as many *successful* male suicide attempts as female suicide attempts.

The reason being that apparently females go for more subtle or poetic means of death - drug overdoses, for example, or slitting the wrists - whereas males are more likely to jump off a building or shoot themselves in the head. It just takes longer for them to try.

Which is interesting, because I just realized that it functions as a sort of safety valve. I've heard from more than one source that cutting or OD'ing makes you feel better afterwards (which probably isn't a good thing - Pavlov would be spinning in his grave right about now.) But . . . you feel better, so you don't do it again. Or you don't go as far as you would otherwise, at least. Eventually it overloads and you end up dead, but, before that . . .

I've been as close to killing myself as anyone else on my list, I think, and yet I've never actually done anything more severe than bruise myself a little (future entry! Why Don't You Just Try Harder) or . . . well, that's it, really. Oh, once I think I overstressed my handbones a little and seperated the joints slightly before I backed off - had little white lines along each of my fingerjoints for a few days. But, really, I've never damaged myself . . . just come within hours of killing myself or running away. (killing myself before I had any place to run to.)

Or, I suppose, you could throw the safety-valve theory out the window and decide that it merely desensitizes females, so they're more likely to be able to succeed. And you could say that the stats are screwed up because of what's considered a suicide attempt and what isn't. (Is OD'ing a suicide attempt? What about cutting in a place that really isn't even remotely likely to be fatal?)

So, in actuality, I'm making a big deal out of nothing here. But comments are welcome anyway :) Especially if you have some slightly more concrete facts :P

And now I go to bed.

and what on earth was that crash? Maybe my fan fell out of the window or something.

(no, not *that* kind of fan, it's the kind of fan that blows hot air.)
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