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half-life 2 cool scene

So I'm wandering through yet another broken-down city (still with no idea what's going on, but hey). Recently I've been joined by a big friendly robot. I know this robot is strong - I've seen him lift cars - but I haven't really seen him in combat. Mostly he seems to be hanging back and not taking the lead, a position I disapprove of - he can probably absorb more firepower than I can, for one thing - but it's not like I can do anything about it, so I just let him.

Up ahead, there are bad guys. So I hide behind cover - a large broken van - and start shooting them.

The robot runs up, picks up my cover, and throws it at the bad guys, taking them all out.

Okay. I can live with that.

We're approaching a street, and the robot stomps up to the street, smacks a few bad guys, and runs off to the left out of where I happen to be looking, because there are a few more bad guys he didn't take out. So I pay attention to them, rather than to the robot.

A rocket goes flying across my field of vision, aimed for the general region of my robot friend, followed by a large armored car racing after him. Fuck. Well, maybe he can take care of himself. I keep trading fire with four or five bad guys hiding in the entryway to a building.

The armored car goes racing backwards across my field of vision again, carrying a large robot, which is in the process of smashing in the roof. Right. I continue sniping at the bad guys.

The armored car goes flying into the nook the bad guys were shooting from. They stop shooting, as well as, I presume, breathing.

My robot buddy comes clanking back to me. I swear he looked smug.
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